Fluorescent Peptides

Our manufacturing arm Cambridge Research Biochemicals has the largest selection of fluorescent dyes available for peptide labelling in the world, enabling us to offer the most comprehensive collection of off-the-shelf fluorescent dye labelled peptides available. We will be adding extensively to this range in time and would welcome your input for new catalogue additions.

With licences from leading dye manufacturers such as Life Technologies (Molecular Probes), GE Healthcare (Amersham Biosciences), Biosearch Technologies, Licor Biosciences and Atto-Tec we can offer peptides labelled with fluorescent dyes: Alexa Fluor®s, Cy dyes™, Cal Fluor®, IR Ddyes® and Atto dyes.

We supply a range of fluorescent peptides including dual labelled FRET pairs consisting of dye and quencher and single labelled fluorescent peptides containing both proprietary and non-proprietary dyes as detailed below:

If your desired fluorescent peptide is not listed please refer to our custom synthesis page and request a custom peptide synthesis quotation.

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37-48 of 60