IL-33 peptide TDPGVFIGVK-acid


Interleukin 33 is a member of the IL-1 family that potently drives production of T helper-2 (Th2)-associated cytokines (e.g., IL-4). IL33 is a ligand for ST2 (IL1RL1), an IL-1 family receptor that is highly expressed on Th2 cells, mast cells and group 2 innate lymphocytes.

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Catalogue number crb1001048
Sequence (one letter code) TDPGVFIGVK-acid
Sequence (three letter code) H-Thr-Asp-Pro-Gly-Val-Phe-Ile-Gly-Val-Lys-OH
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C
Molecular Weight 1031.6

Bønnelykke, K., Sleiman, P., Nielsen, K., Kreiner-Møller, E., Mercader, J.M., Belgrave, D., Dekker, H, Husby, A., Sevelsted, A., Faura-Tellez, G., Mortensen, L.J., Paternoster, L., Flaaten, R., Molgaard, A., Smart, D.E., Thomsen, P.F., Rasmussen, M.A., Bonas-Guarch, S., Holst, C., Nohr, E.A., Yadav, R., March, M.E., Blicher, T., Lackie, P.M., Jaddoe, V.W.V., Simpson, A., Holloway, J.W., Duijts, L., Custovic, A., Davies, D.E., Torrents, D., Gupta, R., Hollegaard, M.V., Hougaard, D.M., Hakonarson, H. and Bisgaard, H. (2014). A genome-wide association study identifies CDHR3 as a susceptibility locus for early childhood asthma with severe exacerbations. Nature Genetics, 46 (1), 51–5. PMID 24241537. Moffatt, M.F., Gut, I.G., Demenais, F., Strachan, D.P,, Bouzigon, E., Heath, S., von Mutius, E., Farrall, M., Lathrop, M., and Cookson, W.O. (2010). A large-scale, consortium-based genomewide association study of asthma. The New England Journal of Medicine, 363 (13), 1211–21. PMID 20860503.

IL-33 is a member of the IL-1 superfamily of cytokines, a determination based in part on the molecules β-trefoil structure, a conserved structure type described in other IL-1 cytokines.
IL-33 acts intracellularly as a nuclear factor and extracellularly as a cytokine.
IL-33 has been associated with several disease states through Genome Wide Association Studies: asthma, allergy, endometriosis and hay fever. A single-nucleotide polymorphism rs928413 (A/G), is located in the 5′ upstream region of IL33 gene, and its minor “G” allele was identified as a susceptible variant for early childhood asthma and atopic asthma development.

IL-33 peptide

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