SEN 304 [D-Chg]-[D-Tyr]-[D-Chg]-[D-Chg]-[N-Me-D-Leu]-amide (where Chg is cyclohexyl Glycine)


Potent inhibitor of Aβ(1–42) aggregation and toxicity

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Catalogue number crb1001201
Sequence (one letter code) [D-Chg]-[D-Tyr]-[D-Chg]-[D-Chg]-[N-Me-D-Leu]-amide (where Chg is cyclohexyl Glycine)
Sequence (three letter code) [D-Chg]-[D-Tyr]-[D-Chg]-[D-Chg]-[N-Me-D-Leu]-amide (where Chg is cyclohexyl Glycine)
Disease Area Alzheimers
Research Area Neuroscience
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C
Molecular Weight 724.5

Amijee et al (2012) The N-Methylated Peptide SEN304 Powerfully Inhibits Aβ(1–42) Toxicity by Perturbing Oligomer Formation. Biochem. 51: 8338. PMID: 23025847


Kumar and Sim (2014). D-amino acid-based peptide inhibitors as early or preventative therapy in Alzheimer disease. Prion. 8(1): 119. PMID: 24553069

Soluble, oligomeric forms of β-amyloid (Aβ) are neurotoxic and are the primary cause of neuronal injury and cell death in Alzheimer's disease (AD). SEN304 is a powerful inhibitor of Aβ aggregation and toxicity and therefore may be therapeutic for AD.

SEN 304 can bind directly to Aβ(1-42), delay β-sheet formation and promote aggregation of toxic oligomers into a nontoxic form.

SEN 304

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