Ara h 3 (278-284) peanut Allergen QILQNLR-acid 


Tryptic peptide from Ara h 3, one of the major peanut allergens

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Catalogue number crb1001073
Sequence (one letter code) QILQNLR-acid 
Sequence (three letter code) H-Gln-Ile-Leu-Gln-Asn-Leu-Arg-OH
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C
Molecular Weight 1027.5

Piersma et al (2005) Proteolytic processing of the peanut allergen Ara h 3. Mol. Nutr. Food Res. 49(8) 744 PMID: 15995984

Rabjohn et al (1999) Molecular cloning and epitope analysis of the peanut allergen Ara h 3. J. Clin. Invest. 103(4) 535 PMID: 10021462

Ara h 3 is one of the major allergens from peanut (Arachis hypogaea) out of approximately 13 potentially important allergens described. The Ara h 3 allergen is recognised by serum IgE from approximately 45% of peanut allergy patients.

The peanut (Arachis hypogaea) is a member of the legume (Leguminosae) family, which includes beans and peas. Ara h 3 belongs to the glycinin family of legume storage proteins (S11 plant storage proteins) and is extensively proteolytically processed. This peptide represents a trypic peptide of Ara h 3

Ara h 3 (278-284) peanut Allergen

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