Ubiquitin K33 Light IQD-[K(GG)]-EGIPPDQQR-acid


Sequence corresponding to the bond between Lys33 side-chain linked mammalian ubiquitin proteins

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Catalogue number crb1000813
Sequence (one letter code) IQD-[K(GG)]-EGIPPDQQR-acid
Sequence (three letter code) H-Ile-Gln-Asp-[Lys(Gly-Gly)]-Glu-Gly-Ile-Pro-Pro-Asp-Gln-Gln-Arg-OH
Purity >95%
Storage -20°C
Molecular Weight 1636.8
References Swatek, K. and Komander, D. (2016). Ubiquitin modifications. Cell Res, 26(4), 399-422. PMID: 27012465
This sequence corresponds to the peptide bond between mammalian Lys33- (K33) linked Ub proteins; where (GG) corresponds to the C-terminus of the side chain appended Ub.

Lys33-linked polyUb chains are assembled by the HECT E3 ligase AREL1. K33-linked polyUb chains have been linked to DNA damage response and in the regulation of innate immunity. Ubiquitination with K33-linked chains also regulates T-cell receptor function and contributes to the stabilization of actin for post-Golgi transport.

Ubiquitin K33 Light

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